my brain, my heart, my sun

Title: my brain, my heart, my sun 
Series: blobo
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 1800cm h x 1200cm w
Date: 2012

The blobo series are inspired by the creek and beach near my house in belongil. I have six large canvas’ on the go.

These works are a process of subtle and delicate layering of colours and textures, combined with the occasional storm of pigment which leaves it’s dramatic effect.

The works start off with very random mark making. A fresh blob of paint begins to crack and dry in the sun. The next day, a splash of water opens a fresh wound in the fleshy paint which begin to look like human organs. Watery pigment leaks out, and leave marks like bodily fluids. A bush turkey takes an interest and is frightened off by the mess on its feet. Leaves and twigs fall, nights and days pass, and the paint dries like cracked earth. Or a subtle canvas tilt might cause the paint to ripple like patterns in the sand.

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