Such a luxurious treat to pick off the vine. To hold a bunch in the hand after witnessing their budding and patiently waiting for them to come into their rich dark purple ripeness. The texture of the firm plump beads of joy in your fingertips. The taste of sweet pleasurable abundance…

A generously giving grapevine has grown its roots in the rich soils of an abundantly lush garden in Bundjalung country, Byron Bay, Australia. This summer, it is offering up its bountiful bunches for collection on the blockchain.

The grape NFT’s imbue those who hold them a sense of exquisite pleasure, sweet gratitude and trust in the fullness and richness of life. Their firm yet tender droplets gift their holders the fertile ground to create easeful abundance in their lives.

Local currawong and other guardians of the grape vine will attend to the ripening bunches over the coming season. Watching over and taste testing until they each reach maturity. When they ripen into their full purple splendour, a new ‘ripened’ magic grape NFT will be airdropped to each holder.

Grape magic is sensitive to rough weather so holders be aware of your internal weather patterns. Your doubts and misaligned thoughts will disrupt the magical flow that desires to nourish your heart, fruit bowls and crypto wallets.


DEC 2021 – The bunches land on the blockchain

JAN/FEB 2022 – Each bunch ripens into its full abundance and power. feel it in your wallet

Later in 2022 – We are expecting more fruits from this luscious garden to become available in the coming seasons and each fruit brings a special essence to share. Some of the fruitful fruits that may be dropped as they come into season are the passion full passion fruit, dragonfruit fire, playful papaya, majestic mango and the laguid lazy luxurious custard apple.

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