Title: timelapse  
Series: blobo
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 1800cm h x 1200cm w
Date: 2012

Like the other six in this series, this work began with a big blob of pink ochre house paint poured onto the stretched canvas. I followed the paint with one or two big splashes of water, and then i watched the effects of its drying.

The next stage of the process is built up with acrylics and transparent mediums. I describe the process as akin to building up layers on a creek bed. There is so much beauty in each layer. An accidental mark, so temporary it could be washed away by the next tide. Or it could remain just long enough to be permanently captured beneath the next layer of silt. Layer upon layer it is built up and stripped back. The waters flow to and from the ocean is a never ending tidal dance.

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