Belongil dreaming

Yesterday as the sun was moving low enough in the sky to loose its bite, I stood on my own in the slowly stagnating pool at Belongil creek mouth. The creek has been cut off from the ocean for two weeks now, the sand bank stopping its flow to and from the ocean. It was a crystal clear pool at first, and when I got home last week, we all went out there with our goggles for a look at all the fish. but each day has been getting cloudier, browner and smellier. scum heaven. yesterday I stood still, ankles in the water for at least 20 minutes, communing with a pelican. Mr Percival. He flew a large circle above my head before landing in the water in front of me. He stood. I stood, holding up my skirt. He dropped his body into the water, I dropped my skirt so the last couple of inches were in the water. I played with presence, and noticed how acutely mr Percival would perceive my state. In presence he would move naturally in the water, curious but not afraid. But when I edged out of it, when i wanted something of him. I wanted him to come closer. Then he got skittish, turned and would move away.. He looked back but went back to fishing. When I dropped the wanting, he once again became curious.

Eventually he set his beautiful heart on catching dinner, and I began to move towards home. Half way home I remembered what you had said, so i stopped, and stood on a grassy dune for a moment.

Then I ran back to the pond of life, jumped in and floated belly up as the sky danced with colour.

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